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  • All branches will be closed Monday, October 10th for our Community Giveback Day.
  • All branches will be closed Monday, October 10th for our Community Giveback Day.
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COVID Resource Center

We are here to help you get through this together.

Stimulus Payment Information

Members may begin receiving Economic Impact Payments (EIP) as a result of the CARES Act via direct deposits as early as this week. 
We do not know when your payments will be deposited, but you may be able to monitor the pending status within COPOCO@Home once the IRS has started the process of transferring funds, dates may vary, however. 

  • Pending deposits may be monitored within COPOCO@Home using the ACH Warehouse under Inquiries.
  • If you filed your 2019 and/or 2018 tax return and received your refund via direct deposit, your EIP will be deposited to the same account.
  • To learn more about EIP and who is eligible or to find out when your payment will arrive, visit here
  • For those who don't normally file a tax return and have questions regarding EIP, visit here.
  • Incoming deposits will be rejected to those who have closed their account since their last IRS refund. You will need to contact the IRS for further support.
  • It doesn't hurt to verify your account/routing number with the IRS to assure you receive your EIP the quickest.

COVID Fraud Tips

Fraudsters and scammers are utilizing this opportunity to take advantage of fears and uncertainties caused by COVID-19. It is important to stay informed about what you can do to protect your personal information and to keep your money secure.

  • Be cautious of cyber scams. These come in the form of links to your email or text messages prompting you to make purchases of limited essential products and then collect your personal information once you buy.
  • Avoid unfamiliar websites for your purchases. Scammers have created sites that offer essential needs, but rather than sending you your item, the scammer is collecting your information on the other end.
  • Keep an eye out for robocalls. With caller ID spoofing, scammers can make it appear your credit union, bank, or even government asking for personal information -account number, credit card information, or Social Security Number. It is highly important to understand that these institutions already have this information on file. Additionally, you should only give this information out only if you place the call - not when it comes to you.
  • Do your research before making donations. Similar to the above, scammers may be contacting you to make a donation. It is important to make sure that when you are giving out personal information that you are the one initiating the call.

Learn more about how COPOCO Community Credit Union can help you stay protected from fraud, click here.

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