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Fees & Charges
Effective Date: April 1 2024
Account Close within 90 days $10.00 each
Reopen After CU Imposed Account Closure $10. each
Account Reconciliation $35.00 per hour
Account Research $35.00 per hour
Account Statement Reprint $5.00 per month
ATM Debit Mastercard Replacement $10.00 each after One card FREE per year unless related to Fraud
ATM Fee - Foreign Transaction Fee $1.00 each
ATM Fee - Non Member Surcharge $2.00 each
Check (Sharedraft) Photocopy $2.00 each | FREE request through COPOCO@home
Debit Card Dispute - Denied $35.00 each
Debt Consolidation Processing Fee $35.00 per application
Deposit Item Returned $35.00 each
Document Shredding Service FREE
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 each per month following dormancy notice
Escheat Processing $50.00 each or account balance if less than $50
Garnishment Processing Fee $35.00 each
Indirect Lending Late Payment $15.00 or 5% of payment - the greater amount
IRA / ESA Annual Fee $25.00 each
Money Order - up to $1000 $1.50 each
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Item $35.00 each
Notary Public FREE
Overdrawn Forced Transfer Item $5.00 each
Overdraft Privilege Paid Item $35.00 each
Overdrawn Debit / ATM, EFT & Point of Sale (POS) Transaction $35.00 each
Pay by Phone -minimum $25 payment required $15.00 each
Pre-authorized Payment $10.00 each | Only available when electronic processing not offered
Return Mail Due to Invalid Address $3.00 per month
Skip-A-Pay $35.00 each | Available in Jan. or Aug. only
Share Draft / Checking Accounts $2.00 minimum balance fee when the daily balance in the account falls below $300.00 any day of the month. This fee can be avoided with direct deposit. Ask for details.
Share Draft " FREE" COPOCO Branded Checks 1 order FREE, annually with Direct Deposit, then $10 per order
Stop Payment Item $35.00 each | FREE through COPOCO@home
Unlimited Transactions Per Account FREE
VISA Platinum Late Payment Fee $25.00 month
VISA HELOC Platinum Late Payment Fee $30.00 month
VISA Replacement Card $35.00 each | after 3rd reissue
VISA Gift Card $2.95 each
VISA Statement Reprint $5.00 each per month
Wire Transfer (domestic only) Incoming/Outgoing $20.00 each


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